A shamanic app guiding your life into Spirit Consciousness.

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A Wealth Of Wisdom

It's like having a council of shamans at your fingertips

Full Wisdom

over 300 pages of text descriptions, 64 cards, and 91 audio clips to bring you deep into the shamanic wisdom that is practical for modern times.

Oracle Guide

Manex Ibar, John P. Milton, Shed Lay and Angeles Arrien have all brought there knowledge together to help guide you through your purposeful life journey.

Medicine Bag

22 Shamanic Initiation cards, 13 Way of Nature principles, 11 Sacred directions, 5 Alchemical Elements, 5 Life Symbols, and 8 Yin-Yang Presents.

Card of Day - Day's Energy

With the Card of Day, you can know the overall energy of each day and align yourself to the universe so that your begin to live synchronistically.

Sacred Path - 9 Energy Centers

In the Sacred Path reading, the LS Oracle helps you keep your vital energy centers (chakras) in alignment helping you raise your consciousness.

Wise Council - The Readings

In the Wise Council, the LS Oracle brings 10 different types of readings which help guide your life choices, situations, and decisions all in alignment with Spirit.

The Wisest Shamanic Oracle App

Imagine life as a river, starting in a mountain stream and going down to the ocean. Your life is the same. Allow the LS Oracle app to be your sign posts along your journey so that you are better informed and can make decisions with your spirit. Using ancient shamanic wisdom from all over the world, the LS Oracle brings practical shamanic knowledge to your daily life.

  • Save all your readings and see your evolution through time.
  • Shake & select the cards to let Spirit guide you.
  • Share your readings via email, text or facebook
  • Hear the 92 Audio files of additional interpretations of the cards

It's like having a Shaman in your Pocket.

The living Shamanism Oracle was developed by Manex Ibar, through 22 years of research and initiation into shamanism. After 8 years of private practice with thousands of individuals from around the world, Manex Ibar has developed a practical guide into the use of shamanic ritual, knowledge, and ceremony to help our modern world understand, accept, and integrate the ancient wisdom into our every day lives. The Living Shamanism Oracle is a set of 64 cards that integrate a high-shamanic point of view for modern times, with teachings that go into the depth of shamanic initiation, practice and philosophy from around the world.

The Living Shamanism Oracle application is a portable digital shamanic guide that brings wisdom to any decision or life experience, right out from your pocket. With many features for guidance, It is our hope that the LS Oracle app provides you with endured wise council.



Living your life with Spirit

The LS Oracle is a portable digital shamanic guide for the 21st century

Card of the Day

Get to know the overall neutrino blast from the universe that influences the tides, the weather, our moods and our genes. Know the overall energy of each day so you can align yourself and be prepared, conscious, and in full presence with life. Enjoy seeing the matrix realise itself.

Sacred Path

Become aware of your vital energy centers and how they play a crucial role in your health, your mood, and your overall consciousness. Understanding each center's process brings great clarity to your own life as you interact with different situations, peole, choices and decisions.

Wise Council

Elavate your choice making process by asking for wise council. Understanding life choices and being in alignment with our spiritual nature helps bring harmony to our lives. Having a wise council can help bring great wisdom and proper form to enjoy what life sends our way.



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